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Artist Made Bears
The name Happy Tymes Collectibles and the Teddy/Happy Man logo represent my ARTIST MADE bears. My creations have ranged from one-of-a-kind, sometimes called one-offs, to small editions averaging 25 pieces. These are the bears that are made by me, the artist, and are also created with assistance from my dependable loyal helpers; Sharon, Barb, Sam, Rebecca, and Emma.
And I will never forget the help that my dear father-in-law gave me. Norwood White was a skilled and steadfast Happy Tymes sewer for 14 years. Thanks Pop - great job!
Below are thumbnails of some previous creations. Click on the thumbnail to go to the page with that bear or series.
Gollys and
Miss Mollys
Portrait Bears
Old Tyme Bears
Mr Brewster
Button Bear
T.R. Bears

& Friend
Ann & Andy


Lucy Locket
Birthday Bear
Prayer Bear
SunFlower Face_18.JPG (350355 bytes)
Daisey, Ladybug
& Yurtle

Sunflower Bears

Note Cards

Rockin' Robert

Mikey2007.jpg (297602 bytes) GotHoney2007full.JPG (221472 bytes) RockinTeddy face.jpg (217094 bytes) Ishkabibble 4.JPG (201302 bytes)
Mikey Got Honey Traveler Bear Rockin' Teddy Roosevelt Ishkabibble
Anniversary Bears Chester T.R. Roughrider Shijie Nursery Rhyme Collection
2010Dorothy1.jpg (1022832 bytes) 2011OzScarecrowFull1.JPG (172684 bytes) 2012CowardlyLion-Bear1.jpg (73739 bytes) 2012CowardlyLion-Bear2.jpg (73941 bytes) 2014TinMan02.JPG (2258527 bytes)
Dorothy Scarecrow Cowardly Lion Cowardly Lion Tin Man
WebBuddieBears.JPG (3434399 bytes) Jewel2_0998.JPG (1831805 bytes) 2013A&AHalloweenFull.JPG (683008 bytes) 2013MothersBoy1.JPG (777646 bytes)
Buzz Bunnies & Buddy Bears Dumplin Jewel Trick or Treat Anne & Andy Mother's Boy
2013Albert1.JPG (771367 bytes) 2013WheresWaldoFull2.JPG (475159 bytes)
Albert Where's Waldo Faith Hope Charity
Cheers Yup Evan Zack Glinda
2014WhMotherBear2.JPG (4997825 bytes) makingGirl2.JPG (2111267 bytes) Wesley bubba
Yukie Somebody’s Mother Girl with Pearl Earring Wesley Bubba
walter sunshine
Walter Sunshine Bear Sweet Treats - Vanilla Buzz Bunnies Rory
Sweet Treats Ann & Andy Bears Ann & Andy Bears 2 Wizard of Oz Series Harley
Big Blu D’Bear Blaze & Boo D’Bears Fatz D’Bear Collection Little ‘Fur’ Tree Kilroy & His Graffiti Fence
Ziggy Purdy Girlies Ann & Andy D' Bears Jolly
Bunny Buster Pink Baba D'Bear Blue Baba D'Bear