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Bev has been attending Disney Conventions with her creations since the 1992 Disneyland Convention where her one-of-a-kind auction piece "Laurel and Hardy" took stage and stole the show! At the request of collectors everywhere, she managed to license and create a 15-inch edition of 75 sets of "Stan & Ollie" in 1993. Click here to see them.

The original 30" Laurel & Hardy sold at the Disneyland auction for $3,400.00, shown with the 1993-94 Licensed Edition of 15" Stan & Ollie which sold for $1000.00 per set.

Laurel and Hardy are located in the Portrait Bears Gallery, along with much more!









"CELEBRATION" ©Disney - 2008 Auction Piece

Mickey and Minnie have been cookin' up a real treat for their Twentieth Year Celebration at the EPCOT ® Teddy Bear & Doll Weekend.  Minnie's culinary art is unsurpassed, as she has packed a little extra surprise into the recipe just for the Spring Flower Festival. The little © Disney (Duffy) Bear is just as pretty as the many topiary-tree figures throughout the park, but this green bear is much more fun to hug!

Minnie and Mickey, both 15 inches, are made of merino wool felt, fully articulated with a traditional neck joint, and combination skeleton of lockline and wire armature for posing.  Their pastel, embroidered, felt clothing reflects the theme colors of the 2008 show logo.  The 9-inch lime green D-Bear is made of mohair fabric with painted, wool, felt pads and black glass eyes.  He is fully articulated with five traditional joints and wire armature for posing.  He has burst from a clay-made 'confection' that sits atop a wooden, Mouse House table, painted to reflect the Garden Festival theme.

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"Brother Bear" ©Disney

Celebrating his own success, little 19-inch Koda,  enjoys playing with his fresh catch from the great Salmon Run. Made form two beautiful mohair fabrics, with felt sculpted feet, Koda is fully jointed and fun to pose.

His mischievous black glass eyes and happy expression say it all. The wooden totem necklace, by carver Gerald Smith, is symbolic of love, a fitting very symbol for this cute cub. His 'yummy' salmon is sewn from complimentary fabrics, floppy-filled with pellets, and primitively painted for detail.  Ltd. Ed. 10    




"Mr. Magic" ©Disney

This happy 17.5" Disney© Bear (similar in character design to last years "Teddy Bear Sorcery" edition) will be available because you asked of it. He is made of two different contrasting mohair fabrics, that emphasize the Mickey-shaped face and oversized ears.  He has leather silhouette tattoo on his bumm, black glass eyes and locklined arms and legs.  Dressed in Mickey's Sorcerer robe and hat, he is working his own kind of magic and can easily be posed to show off his hand-painted leather feet, while dancing with his new friend, the Marching Broom.  However, the magic has once again been turned on Mickey, as the now diminutive little mouse, instead of directing the activities, holds on for dear life.  The magnetic plush Mickey is a licensed, purchased manufactured figure.  Ltd. 10  




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