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"The Oath"
2001 L.E. 888
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The Cooperstown release for Sept. 2001 kicks-off a year of celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the teddy bear. The premiere edition of the BEAR LEGENDS COLLECTION, it is entitled The Oath, Celebrating 100 years of Teddy. This piece portrays the event in which Vice-President Roosevelt first took his Oath of Office on September 14th, 1901 in Buffalo N.Y., following the assassination of President McKinley. The 14-inch T.R. Portrait Bear stands on a library floor with his right paw upheld, taking the Oath of Office, in his "borrowed" clothes. Each bear of this 888 edition, has a small piece of a vest which was truely worn by Theodore Roosevelt, sewn onto its paw, making it a "must-have" for any collection.
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